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Opening Quotes: Mario’s Moment

From this morning’s FT <‘Monti lashes out at Germany ahead of summit’>:

“Speculation over the fate of his government has become so feverish in Rome that officials were forced to deny that the prime minister had threatened to resign if he were to leave Brussels without success.”

Mario is THE archetypal European.

Remember he was dropped in to replace the ever more populist Berlusconi.

IF Monti’s ‘technocratic government’ falls elections will follow and the muppets will be in charge of a country that really matters.

In Monday’s FT Wolfgang Munchau dares Monti to ‘speak truth to power’ and  threaten resignation if his eminently sensible desire to find a compromise was blatantly fudged – into yet another ill-fated fudge – by the all too complacent fudgers.

Well, in a rather Romanesque manner, it appears Mario has decided to depart with honor rather than defend the increasingly indefensibly.

In the ongoing ‘horror without end’ this represents a genuinely serious moment- even Berlusconi recognizes <opportunistically?> the fall of Monti would be seen as ‘catastrophic’ in Brussels.

Mario needs a result off the Germans OFF the soccer pitch.

We <Irish et al> all do.

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Opening Quotes – Asking Mr Monti

FT: Spain ‘causing concern’ – Monto warns

Spain’s new government rejected criticism of its handling of a “difficult” inheritance. Asked what Mr Monti meant by his comments, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, Spain’s EU minister, said, “You better ask Monti, not me.”

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